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Delivering On Time and On Budget

In the mid-90s True Form Founder Bret Smith was succeeding with his supplement company Physicorp. He had developed 35 branded products distributed to over 1000 retail health food stores and Pharmacies throughout Canada. There was only one problem – he could never stay in stock.

Fed up with the empty promises of his contract manufacturers who would take many months to deliver, Bret decided to make his branded supplements out of his own 700 square foot manufacturing facility.

This modest beginning led him to a journey of manufacturing products for other Canadian and US supplement brands, including a wildly successful Canadian Cold Remedy.

He became so successful in making products for others, that he eventually sold off Physicorp to focus exclusively on contract fabricating. Today True Form packaging operates out of a modern facility in Edmonton, Alberta, and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on how to manufacture high quality supplements on time and at reasonable prices.




• Procuring raw materials
• Blending
• Powder filling
• Capsule filling (2 piece hard-gel)
• Liquid bottle filling
• Tableting
• High speed packaging line
• Assisting with regulatory compliance
• Extensive international experience


Why use True Form:

• 25 years’ experience working with major brands
• No minimum orders!
• Lightning fast turnaround
• Licensed as GMP compliant by Health Canada
• Always available for customer service
• You will receive your accurate quotes promptly!




True Form provides high quality manufacturing services at competitive prices, with an emphasis on quick job completion. Our core values are to be responsive to the needs of our customers and rigorous in the implementation of our quality system.

True Form offers competitive prices, demonstrably high-quality workmanship, rapid job completion, and over 30 years of broad industry experience at the management level. But most importantly, we offer a level of customer service unmatched in the industry. Have a problem, just e-mail or pick up the phone…. we promise to deal with your issue within a matter of hours!

Since True Form’s inception, management has made quality and customer service a priority. With the acquisition of a Health Canada Site License, True Form is positioned for domestic and international growth in an industry that is increasingly demanding higher quality standards. We thoroughly understand both Health Canada and FDA regulations, and can help ensure your brands compliance.

The time required for True Form to complete a job is considerably shorter than the industry average. True Form’s average job completion time during the past year was 32 days, whereas the industry average approaches 70 days. This has proven to be an important factor in the growth of the company.

With over 30 years industry experience and operational know how in both wholesale and manufacturing, combined with a dedication to accommodating customers idiosyncratic needs, senior management is an integral part of delivering high-quality supplements to you on time and at competitive prices.  




For any inquiries, please call: 780-474-6636 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

9160 Yellowhead Trail NW,
Edmonton,AB T5B 1G2

Get a quote: 780-474-6636
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